2016 - A Year In View


February 2016 - Ghana, Togo and Benin, West Africa  

Above: Ghana (L To R) Wiseman, Cashew village - Boat crossing to Cashew village - Coast at Accra

Africa never fails to enchant, enrich and inspire -  so I jumped at the chance to tour Ghana, Togo and Benin in late Jan early Feb. Having visited Benin (the birthplace of Voodoo) before I knew a little about what to expect. From the colourful markets of Lome to the extraordinary Zangbeto rituals and floating village of Ganvie of Benin the trip didn't disappoint - Above (Left)  102 year old 'Wiseman' of Ghana's Cashew Village - Undoubtably wise but the other villagers seemed to dispute his reported age.

Above: Togo (L To R) Busy market Lome - Boys in rural village - Lome city

Above: Benin (L To R) Zangbeto ritual - Boys with tyres, Cotonou - Boats head out to Ganvie, floating village