2016 - A Year In View

August 2016 -  In search of 'Goat'

Following our Finnish Air Guitar adventure we were given a mysterious assignment that involved continuing north and head across the border to a remote Swedish village called Korpilombolo. Korpilombolo is the reported hometown of experimental Swedish rock band 'Goat' whose back-story states that the majority of the band hail from a small commune just outside the village. We arrived in Korpilombolo with with high expectations, imagining we'd find a commune in mid voodoo ritual with intense rhythmical drumming around campfires. Unfortunately our hopes were more than a little dashed. Despite probably asking all 500 inhabitants of the village and taking every road for a 20 mile radius we found no sign of a commune and that no one had even heard of 'Goat'. Our quest to find the truth about 'Goat' became the story itself - This gave me free rein to create dramatic evocative images of the village and surrounding area that somehow conveyed the mystery.