2017 - A Year In View


July 2017 - 24 hour hike, Italy

One the most challenging shoots I've been commissioned to do both mentally and physically. We joined the legendary Hans Kammerlander on one of his, what I can only describe as, brutal and pretty dangerous 24 hour hikes through the Italian alps. Fatigued we hiked all night through torrential rain and thunderstorms on slippery ledges with sheer drops - Even Hans admitted later this had been the hardest 24 hour session he'd done to date. 

2017 - A Year In View


July 2017 - Madeira 

An chance to sample Madeira's growing extreme sports scene for Euro Wings - Canyoning, hiking and my first experience shooting from a paraglider.

2017 - A Year In View


June 2017 - Ivory Coast

Coupe Decale is a type of popular dance music originating from the Ivory Coast - Our mission for Brussels Airlines inflight magazine was to lift the lid on this unique blend of traditional and contemporary styles - Touring the clubs of downtown Abidjan was an intense experience - We also met up with the countries number one Coupe Decale artist -  Serge Beynaud

2017 - A Year In View


June 2017 - Kiev

In June we also headed east the the rapidly changing city of Kiev for Wizz Airs inflight magazine - Our local guide Svaitoslava showed us what makes Kiev such a fascinating city

2017 - A Year In View


June 2017 - Cape Verde

A week of activities in Sal, Cape Verde in June for Thomas Cook and Tui - From paraboarding and quad biking to a visit to a gym made entirely from rubbish. We also had a chance to sample the regions delicious cuisine that centres around the abundance of fresh fish and fruit. 

From Sal we took a day trip to Cape Verde's largest island Santiago. Here we visited a rural factory that produces Cape Verde's national drink - 'Grogue'.


2017 - A Year In View


May 2017 - Comporta, Portugal

A few tranquil days in Portugal's secret getaway Comporta. Only an hour or so south of the hustle and bustle of Lisbon. Here you'll find a simple unspoilt fishing village and what appears to be an infinite deserted perfectly sandy beach 

2017 - A Year In View


April 2017 - Gas Station Gastronomy, Morocco

Who knew Gas Station Gastronomy was a thing in Morocco - In April we flew to Marrakech to find out more for Easyjet Traveller magazine

2017 - A Year In View


March 2017 - Koh Samui, Thailand

We visited the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand for Norwegian Air's 'N' Magazine. Together with the islands amazing vistas and activities we had a fascinating insight into the world of Thai Boxing (Below)



2017 - A Year In View


March 2017 - LA

In March a commission for Thomas Cook and Air Berlin meant a welcome return to LA. Here the residents of Venice's Muscle Beach take time out to strike a pose.

2017 - A Year In View

Goat farming, Malaga-3562.jpg
Goat farming, Malaga-2165.jpg

January 2017 - Goat Farming Malaga

In January we ventured into the rural landscape that surrounds Malaga, Southern Spain - Famous for its rich tradition in Goat Farming

2016 - A Year In View

November 2016 - Ron Robert Zieler, Leicester City

A chance to visit 2016 Premiership Champions Leicester City - A commission from Germany's 'Focus' magazine to shoot a 'day in the life' of German International Goalkeeper Ron Robert Zieler in his newly adopted city

2016 - A Year In View

October 2016 - Cycling in Majorca

Majorca has for years been famous for providing an excellent location for professional cyclists to train. We spent a few days tackling the islands tough terrain with former Tour de France winner Stephen Roche

2016 - A Year In View

October 2016 - Iceland's Craft Beer

For a nation where beer was banned until 1989 - Iceland has been making giant strides in the craft beer industry - we went to discover their secret. Sheep dung being one of many strange ingredients

2016 - A Year In View

September 2016 - Ibiza Body Camp

In September a trip to Ibiza for Easyjet to document the islands healthier side - exercise and clean living

2016 - A Year In View

August 2016 -  In search of 'Goat'

Following our Finnish Air Guitar adventure we were given a mysterious assignment that involved continuing north and head across the border to a remote Swedish village called Korpilombolo. Korpilombolo is the reported hometown of experimental Swedish rock band 'Goat' whose back-story states that the majority of the band hail from a small commune just outside the village. We arrived in Korpilombolo with with high expectations, imagining we'd find a commune in mid voodoo ritual with intense rhythmical drumming around campfires. Unfortunately our hopes were more than a little dashed. Despite probably asking all 500 inhabitants of the village and taking every road for a 20 mile radius we found no sign of a commune and that no one had even heard of 'Goat'. Our quest to find the truth about 'Goat' became the story itself - This gave me free rein to create dramatic evocative images of the village and surrounding area that somehow conveyed the mystery.


2016 - A Year In View


August 2016 - World Air Guitar Championship, Oulu, Finland

What can you say about the Air Guitar World Championships in Oulu Finland.....  Awesome!!! ......thats what..

2016 - A Year In View

June 2016 - Jerriais rediscovered, Jersey, Channel Islands

On the day of Brexit through what seemed to be transport meltdown we took refuge in the Channel Islands where we met Kit and his merry band. Their aim is to promote and save 'Jerriais' the ancient language of Jersey.

2016 - A Year In View

May 2016 - Malta's Fim Industry

Malta's Movie making location heritage was the focus of the cover feature for Air Berlin in May